Digital TV to Dominate Europe by 2010, Study Says

Digital TV to Dominate Europe by 2010, Study Says


A study released on Monday predicts that by 2010, 60 percent of households in Europe will have digital TV services. Included in that will be Web access and phone calls, according strategy and technology consulting Booz Allen Hamilton.

The study found what looks to be a sharp shift toward digital services and away from broadband, toward a consolidation of technologies using the same signature.

“The long-term winners will be the players, who are first to offer the consumer the so-called ‘triple-play’, access to all three services from single source, on favorable terms and conditions,” the report said.

The report also found a trend toward consolidation of services that will “cut across the traditional boundaries of the industry.”

The study also expected the investment total toward such digital dominance to top 100 billion euros and provide more than 100,000 new jobs.