VoIP phone meets mouse

VoIP phone meets mouse


This is convergence presented in a whole new way. Now your VoIP phone can be used as a mouse for your computer as well. You use it as a mouse, clicking away to your hearts content, until someone calls you. Presumably the mouse or your computer will let you know and you can just unfold the mouse and talk, talk, talk. Unlike an earlier model of the same thing made by Sony, this one has a keypad, so you aren’t limited to incoming calls. You can unfold your phone and call someone, too. It has a monochrome display as well, so you could imagine that messaging of some sort might also be an option.

It’s a strange looking contraption, but I can imagine it being useful. It would especially be nice when you are working on the road with your laptop. Both a mouse and a VoIP phone would be nice to have, but you don’t want to be carrying nine different accessories around with you wherever you go.

Specifications and details are scant, but it will be interesting get a hold of one when they are available and see if they really are useful and not a novelty.

(editor’s note: I like the tomato convergence better… that’s what it was, right?)