Ultra wideband task force disbands without standard

Ultra wideband task force disbands without standard


If you were hoping that the confusion caused by all the new wideband standards would ease as proponents of the various standards cooperated, you will be disappointed by this news. The IEEE Task Group TG3a was formed to determine and ratify a single ultra wideband standard. That job was obviously harder than it may sound, because the group has given up and voted to disband themselves.

The group felt that they would never be able to reach a consensus and form a single standard. The problem is that the WiMedia Alliance and the UWB Forum both had significant members on the Task Group (indeed, the Task Group was made up almost exclusively of members of the two groups), and neither group was willing to budge from the loyal support of their particular standard. Freescale is the major force in the UWB Forum. Though they have fewer members than the WiMedia Alliance, they spent a lot of time and money to push their position.

It will be interesting to see how this competition resolves itself. One can only hope that it isn’t too ugly or confusing for us lowly consumers.