Samsung Unveils DSLR Camera

Samsung Unveils DSLR Camera


Samsung Techwin has leaped into the digital single-lens reflex camera market with a bang, the company said on Thursday.

The new model, the GX-1S, is of the 6-megapixel variety and uses the DSLR interchangeable lens technology. It weighs just 17.8 ounces; its dimensions are 4.9×3.6×2.6; and it boasts a 2.5-inch LCD screen, with a 16-segment multipattern metering for lighting measurement. It can shoot up to 2.8 frames a second and runs on 4 AA Lithium, Ni-MH or CR-V3 batteries. Users can also use Schneider and Pentax lenses.

The GX-1S is the result of a working agreement between Samsung and Pentax.

“Through this partnership, and the GX-1S introduction, we have an opportunity to make an immediate impact in the DSLR space and dramatically expand the range of options available to consumers under the Samsung Brand,” said Ken Gerb, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Samsung Camera.

The company has announced plans to not only enter this competitive market but also be a big player in it. The company has a sales target of 12 million units by 2007.