OnStar Moving to SOA

OnStar Moving to SOA


OnStar, the voice-driven service that calmly helps drivers in difficulty, is migrating its technology platform from Web services to service-oriented architecture, the company said late Thursday.

The idea is to insert a business layer in the software rules in order to remove redundant code and improve processing and efficiency. The initial phase of the process began in May 2005, and the official launch was a month later. The final procedures are expected to be completed in 2006.

The software business rules that make up large parts of the OnStar experience are embedded in applications now. The move to SOA will make it easier in the future to update and refine the OnStar framework, as well as to interface with third-party applications.

“It will allow us to reuse different functions and business processes more easily,” said Kathy Kay, OnStar director of application development and support. “We will pull out functions to create separate processes.”