Motorola enjoys highly profitable quarter

Motorola enjoys highly profitable quarter


Motorola is the second biggest maker of mobile phones in the world. Turns out that that is pretty darned profitable. Earnings were up an impressive 86% in the fourth quarter over the same quarter last year. The increase in net earnings to $1.2 billion, up from $647 million last year, was largely due to the continuing worldwide love of the Razr.

Earnings were up above estimates, but revenues were just below predictions, causing stocks to fall in after-market trading. Analysts were expecting $10.51 billion, but instead were faced with $10.43 billion. That’s still 18% higher than the $8.84 billion of last year. The below-estimate results aren’t a sign of a problem, though, as company predictions for this quarter fall well within analyst’s predictions.

Motorola shipped 44.7 million phones in the quarter. That’s up 40% over the year before. They project their world market share at 19% which keeps them comfortably in second place, but far behind market leader Nokia.