Mobile Box Office – no more lines at the movies

Mobile Box Office – no more lines at the movies


There is still no better place to watch a movie than in the theater. The screen and the sound are great, but the worst part, other than paying $50 for a small popcorn, is waiting in line for tickets. MobilRelay wants to help with their new offering called Mobile Box Office, which is being tested in Canton, Michigan right now.

You just use your WAP enabled phone with a color screen to log onto the website. Once there you can browse show times and dates and pick the show you want. Once you purchase your tickets securely with your credit card you are sent an electronic bar code on your phone. You just flash that at the movies… the pimply ticket taker scans it, and you are in. No lines and no fuss. Makes sense.

The Motion Picture Industry Association is all for the innovation. There were 47 million internet capable phones in the U.S. in 2004 and that number has grown dramatically since then. That’s a lot of people who could be attracted by this service.