‘Lost and Found’ services by World-Tracker

‘Lost and Found’ services by World-Tracker


Losing your mobile phone will now be almost impossible.

World-Tracker has the ability to locate your mobile handset wherever it may be. The service is web-based and costs 16p for every location search conducted. All a user needs to do is just connect to the Internet via his mobile phone or computer and access the company’s website. Once logged in, the user then types in the mobile number that he wants located. A map would then be produced on the screen showing the exact location of the phone. It could also illustrate the exact GPS site by providing longitude and latitude details.

The service’s precision would depend upon the network. Hence, results may vary. The accuracy may range from 50 to 500m. But on the average, the efficiency of the system is at 150m.

Another interesting element of the service is the Points of Interest (POI) feature. POI provides users with information as to what dining or shopping establishments are within the vicinity. Another useful component of the service, Geofence, allows the customer to set borders on a specific area. He would then be alerted if the mobile unit goes beyond the indicated boundaries. Changes on these two features or components would have no additional charge.

The tracking service covers subscribers of O2, Vodafone, Orange, and T-Mobile. A free trial is available at www.world-tracker.com.