Lindy locks down your USB port

Lindy locks down your USB port


Lindy has launched a USB Port lock that offers a simple, easy way to secure your USB port to prevent passive data theft. It’s not a software solution, so people can still steal files through your network. It won’t lock down your floppy drive or optical disc burner either, but hey, you can prevent someone from shoving their USB thumb drive in there to steal your, ahem, sensitive information.

There are two parts to Lindy’s gadget: a key and a lock. Stick the whole thing in your computer, remove the key, and the lock stays in place. Your USB port is now locked down. To free it, simply insert the key. Nothing could be easier. This will provide some rather minimal security, but it comes pretty cheap.

Find a colour to match your style: blue, green, pink, orange or white. Pick up a pack of one key and four locks for £14.99 ($26.45 USD).