CMS unveils 1.8-in aluminum USB HDD

CMS unveils 1.8-in aluminum USB HDD


Today CMS Products introduced the ABSmini, a 1.8-inch compact external storage unit that comes in 20GB, 40GB and 60GB variants.

The ABSmini is very portable, weighing only 113g and measuring just 69x87x17mm. It may be small, but it’s durable, having an anodized aluminum casing to protect it against damage.

Connectivity is via USB 2.0. This assures extremely fast file transfers, whether it be small text files to large photos or video segments.

Power is also via USB. This eliminates the need for users to carry a separate adapter to provide power for their unit. Cable compatibility is also not a problem. Its Y-shaped drive connector has a dedicated data and power plug. This allows the drive to be connected to a laptop even if the latter’s USB ports are low-power.

Though the unit’s dual USB plug eliminates connectivity problems to the laptop, the drive’s size makes it impossible to be inserted in the hard disk drive bays of most laptops. Standard laptop hard drive size is at 2.5 inches, while the ABSmini is almost an inch smaller at 1.8 inches.

Carrying the device is made more convenient with the leatherette case that comes with the package. However, it only fits the drive, leaving no space for the USB cable.

The ABSmini costs US $179 for the 20GB version, US $259 for the 40GB, and US $329 for the 60GB model.