Apple releases mostly great financial results

Apple releases mostly great financial results


Steve Jobs gave us an indication at MacWorld of the financial results of Apple, but the numbers have now been released for more intense perusal. Some of the news is almost unbelievably good. They sold 14 million iPods in the last three months of 2005, their first fiscal quarter. That allowed their revenues to increase by 64% to $5.75 billion. Net profits increased by an even larger amount. They hit $565 million this year, much more than double the $255 million from the same quarter last year.

Though this is the best quarter in the history of the company, the news isn’t all positive in the eyes of many analysts. They sold 1.25 million computers, but that fell below expectations. Some analysts are still concerned that Apple isn’t seeing enough growth in their computer sales. There is a danger that in some respects, the Mac, which is and should be the core of the company, is no longer being the key financial driver for the company. Analysts are also concerned with the predicted $4.3 billion revenue for the current quarter by the company. This is well below the $4.8 billion market prediction.

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