A cool lap dance for your notebook

A cool lap dance for your notebook


You’re desperately trying to get that term paper done, but your laptop is setting your thighs on fire? Cooler Master has just what the doctor ordered. Their line of all-aluminium Notepal coolers include those compatible with 15- and 17-inch laptops, as well as a set for your Apple widescreen.

A pair of quiet 2.8-inch fans help cool down your notebook and improve airflow around it. This not only keeps your lap cool, but it should increase the lifespan of your computer by creating a more stable environment. No worries about having to power this thing up either, as it’ll get all the juice it needs directly from your laptop. Find it’s draining your battery life? Just hit the off-switch to shut down the fans. The Notepal cooler also features a pair of USB 2.0 ports.

Strangely, they say that the unit only has a life expectancy of 3000 hours. That translates to a mere 125 days of continuous use, so use the fans sparingly. Look for prices to start around the $40 range. Pick one up through PC World with a 24-month guarantee.