Zi Corp. releases six new language databases

Zi Corp. releases six new language databases


Zi Corp. designs intelligent interfaces for mobile telecom devices. They must be good because they, like me, are based in Calgary (editor’s note: Yeah T.O., Calgary is the bomb… um, yeah… hehe). They have announced that they have rolled out six new language databases. The databases let users customize their phones easier and enter text more quickly because they can operate the devices in their native language. We’re pretty lucky as English speakers that we don’t have to worry about that kind of problem, but you can imagine the pain that it would be.

The six new language databases include four for the Indian market and two for African users. Zi Corp. does not deliver them to customers themselves, but rather they have licensed them to an unnamed partner for delivery.

This new delivery brings the total number of languages they support up to 54. The appeal for providers is obvious – usage and retention rates will soar if people can easily interact with their devices.