What’s mobile TV without mobile ads?

What’s mobile TV without mobile ads?


Watching your favourite sitcoms wouldn’t truly be complete without a commercial for the newest Nike sneaker or the latest in feminine hygiene. So, with mobile TV set to be the next big thing, it should really come as no surprise that advertisers are jumping all over this growing market with a whole slew of video ads for your cell phone. Both Verizon Wireless and Sprint/Nextel subscribers should be expecting “content” from Nike, ESPN, Hilton and Pepsi very soon.

Unlike regular TV, however, users will have to approve receiving ads on their cell phones… but why would you choose to have ads interspersed among the actual news, sports, and entertainment content that you actually want? Well, more likely than not, the wireless providers will give you a reduced rate on your mobile content if you’re willing to sit through another Budweiser commercial. C’mon now, the frogs and chameleons are pretty cool.

The next logical step after a full implementation of mobile ads is to produce location-based ads. Through cell tower triangulation, it won’t be long before they’ll know exactly where you are. Happen to be walking past a Hilton hotel? Boom, there’s an ad telling you why you should stay there for the night. Happen to be in an AM/PM? In jumps Pepsi telling you to buy their products instead of Coca-Cola’s. Buyer beware.