Relax and learn with Neomind Brainwave Visor

Relax and learn with Neomind Brainwave Visor


At first glance, this visor sold by Coregem of Korea looks like it might be a head-mounted unit to watch videos off your favourite multimedia player. Apparently, not so, because is reporting that this contraption is a “brainwave consumer product.”

Although you cannot gain supernatural powers like Scott “Cyclops” Summers of the X-Men, you sure can try to look like him with the Neomind Brainwave Visor… and either stimulate or relax your brain with it. It is said that the gadget emits visual and audio “impulses” that can help you find peace or, conversely, get you in the game — you can connect the visor to a PC, mobile phone, PDA or PMP, and take advantage of learning software.

If my Babelnese is up to snuff, then it seems that this software can be downloaded and/or purchased off the official Coregem website, but you’re going to have to learn Korean first. No apparent word on pricing, though it does seem to be available now.