Illegal Music Swapping Still Prospering

Illegal Music Swapping Still Prospering


Despite considerable legal action to stop it, digital music continues to be shared illegally, a new industry report has found.

A report by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industries (IFPI) found that the number of songs swapped without official permission has not changed in the past two years, even though a total of 20,000 cases spread across 17 countries have targeted such illegal sharing.

IFPI Chairman John Kennedy said that despite the potentially souring news, pursuit of those breaking digital music laws would continue.

“The strategy will not eradicate the problem, but it is containing it,” Kennedy said. Consumer research shows that every second person who cut back on illegally file-sharing has done so out of concern for the legal consequences.”

Kennedy did maintain that the sheer number of illegal music files had diminished during the two-year period tracked by the study. He also threw his weight behind the continuing use of Digital Rights Management (DRM), which has come under fire in recent weeks because of its limits on music file downloads and copies.

The report also revealed that global sales of legal music file downloads had exceeded US$1 billion and that sales of music downloaded onto mobile phones were hovering at $400 million USD a year.