Faster and faster memory cards by Lexar, now at 133X

Faster and faster memory cards by Lexar, now at 133X


As digital cameras get more and more advanced, with higher and higher megapixel ratings, the read and write speeds of memory cards need to keep pace, working to minimize the wait time between shots. In line with this, Lexar Media just unveiled its next set of Compact Flash and Secure Digital Memory Cards, clocking in at 133X. What this means is that the new flash media will be able to sustain a minimum write speed of 20MB per second.

The company is targeting its new memory cards at the digital SLR camera market in particular, providing “seamless operation throughout each step of the digital imaging workflow process enabling the user to spend more time taking pictures.” The NAND-based memory maker claims these new CF and SD offerings fulfill the reliable, high performance needs of today’s professional photographers. To this end, they will include the company’s Write Acceleration Technology (WA), Image Rescue 2.0, and Photo Mechanic 4.0.

The Compact Flash cards are available in capacities up to 4GB, whereas their SD cousins top out at 2GB, though the latter comes packaged in with a high-speed USB 2.0 card reader. No word on pricing.