Apple’s iTunes makes the right move

Apple’s iTunes makes the right move


Last week when Apple introduced iTunes 6.0.2, it quietly introduced a new feature – the MiniStore, which is small version of the iTunes Music Store that lives at the bottom of the iTunes window. As soon as the users select songs in their Library or playlists, the MiniStore’s content changes to recommend purchases based on their current selection, but in order to incorporate this feature it was evident that some personal information was being sent out to Apple jeopardizing the privacy of thousands of users.

Many users were concerned about this, given that Apple hadn’t made any statements concerning whether or not this collected data was kept—and if it was kept, under what situations could it be shared with third parties?

The same concern was posted by Rob Griffiths, who runs a weblog at, and soon after that he was contacted by a senior Apple official who indicated that no data was being recorded by Apple. However, the discussion over this feature continued unabated as privacy is touchy subject with many people. However on Wednesday, apple took action which laid to rest any remaining concerns. Now the first time a user starts the MiniStore, it will show a warning before starting stating that Apple does not keep any information related to the contents of your music library.

Now we all can sit back and enjoy our music, only if Apple had in the first place taken care of this issue then this whole topic would have been a non-issue.