Wireless cameraphone Xcursion KX160 Debuts in the US

Wireless cameraphone Xcursion KX160 Debuts in the US


Kyocera Wireless and Leap Wireless International bring to market the Xcursion KX160, a full-featured cameraphone that features Bluetooth technology. The new handset will be included in Cricket’s array of units and unlimited rate programs and is available for US $199.99.

The mobile unit’s camera has a built-in flash and digital zoom capacity. Operating the phone on camera mode is very easy since it has a separate button for the camera function. Other typical camera features such as auto-focus functions, automatic timer, and multi-shot arrangement are also included.

The unit’s two big displays are also easy on the eye, with the internal screen’s resolution at 128×160 pixels and the external at 96×64 pixels. The Caller ID function is enhanced as the picture of the person calling could be displayed.

Connectivity is via Bluetooth technology and hands-free accessories include headsets and car implements. MMS capability is complimented by Cricket’s rate packages which allow limitless image-sending. Game, ringtone, wallpaper, and other downloads are possible through Cricket Clicks.

Like other mobile handsets, the KX160 also features an impressive speakerphone, voice-dialing capability, and can be set on vibrate mode. It also has all the typical functions or features that most mobile phones have such as a scheduler, alarm clock, stop watch, voice memos, contact directory, and much more.