VibeTonz shakes your phone to the beat

VibeTonz shakes your phone to the beat


I’m sure I’m not only the only one out there that finds ring tones incredibly annoying. I get that people want to personalize their phoning experience. I just wish I didn’t have to hear it. If your like me, you will like the sound (or lack of sound) of VibeTonz. It’s a way to personalize your phone without annoying me.

VibeTonz is technology that is embedded in your phone. It gives your handset the ability to produce a wide range of ‘vibro-tactile’ sensations. That means that you can download vibration-based ring tones which can shakes your phone to a drum break or bass line when someone calls. Besides that use, the technology can be used to let mobile gamers feel the recoil as they shoot the bad guy or the feel of the punch in a fight. There are, of course, all sorts of other potential uses, but I’ll leave those for you to work out for yourself.

Samsung will be the first maker to incorporate VibeTonz. Look for it soon.