Rumours of XLink Kai commercial PSP gaming network

Rumours of XLink Kai commercial PSP gaming network


For some time now, XLink Kai has been satisfying need of Halo players for online multiplayer goodness. The popular tunneling service is now rumoured to be expanding its horizons, and is on the cusp of offering a commercial gaming network for PSP users. The current rumoured launch date is some time in the second quarter of this year.

What this means is that players will no longer have to wait for developers to make their games multiplayer ready, nor wait for Sony to pump out the necessary infrastructure for such a gaming network. XLink Kai’s service works via ad hoc mode, allowing for online PSP gameplay anytime, anywhere.

The Kai tunneling games on the PSP have been available for a good six months now, but with the potential launch of a commercial (read: for money, pay, not free), XLink Kai may just be going fully legitimate. No more moral issues hanging over your head as you perform random acts of violence in Liberty City… wait a minute…