Moody phone wins Motorola’s MOTOFWRD competition

Moody phone wins Motorola’s MOTOFWRD competition


Motorola’s first-ever MOTOFWRD competition saw a lot of interesting ideas, all geared to move the mobile phone industry to the next level of “seamless mobility.” After careful consideration, John Finan, a graduate student of Duke University, was awarded the grand prize for his concept of a phone that could interpret the mood of the caller based on the natural fluctuations and intonations in his or her voice.

Finan, a biomedical engineering Ph.D candidate, beat out more than 500 students from over 220 universities. He said that his “Mood Phone” would be particularly useful for people suffering from Asberger’s Syndrome, as it would display colours, ranging from warm reds to cool blues, depending on the mood of the person the line. This visual stimulus would help users better interpret the words they are hearing… a useful tool for guys who just don’t get girls. Mood recognition software has been developed before, but never applied to a cellular phone.

During a New York award ceremony, Finan was given $10,000, a Bluetooth-enabled BMW, and a smattering of Motorola products. Taking a page of out of Donald Trump, he has also been awarded an apprenticeship with Motorola’s Chief Technology Office.