Improve your health with the Sharp Papyrus PW-9920

Improve your health with the Sharp Papyrus PW-9920


A device for the health-conscious!

Sharp brings to market the Papyrus PW-9920, a portable health and diet monitoring device.

Users of the PW-9920 are presented with tons of information regarding their physical wellness as well as instructions on how to improve it. With recommendations as to the types of food that one should eat, the new device works like a personal health instructor.

The unit has a sleek aluminum casing. It is also very easy to carry, with dimensions at 141 mm x 107 mm x 14 mm. It has a 320×240 dot matrix LCD display which can show or contain up to 18 lines. It has a long operating time too, with maximum duration clocking in at 200 hours. It only requires two LR 03 batteries.

The PW-9920’s menus can be rearranged according to the user’s desire, and the user can also alter or sort the contents of the unit. Furthermore, it features a fast search and listing utility. The device’s software also includes an English/Japanese dictionary.

The Papyrus PW-9920 will first be released in Japan by the end of January. The device will then be deployed around the world within a few months time. Its price is set at JPY 42,000 (approximately $360 USD).