Costly iPod Tutorials from Selfridges

Costly iPod Tutorials from Selfridges


Ignorance could indeed be costly.

Selfridges is going to offer an iPod tutorial session for a price that almost equals that of the most inexpensive iPod. For ₤65, iPod owners could get a one-on-one lesson on how to operate the gadget. The tutorial would last for 40 minutes.

The London department store’s service deals with essential iPod and iTunes operations.

According to Selfridges, they are offering the tutorial as a result of requests from patrons who are experiencing difficulties with operating the device. Many however, are resorting to a cheaper alternative. At its Regent Street center, Apple provides iPod tutorial courses for free. This could have an adverse effect on Selfridges’ tutorial services as both establishments are just 15 minutes apart by foot.

Aside from its “iPod Survival” course, Selfridges offers other iPod support programs. Last December, the store inaugurated SpeedPod. The service allows iPod owners to copy and record music from a CD to their unit. Transfer cost is at ₤2.50. A pick-up and delivery service is also available at ₤5 for those who are not able to bring their CDs to the store. But if you have 40 or more CDs to be copied or recorded, then the ₤5 fee is waived.