Bytemobile and Opera Release High-Speed Browser for Mobile Phones

Bytemobile and Opera Release High-Speed Browser for Mobile Phones


Bytemobile and Opera Software have disclosed that they have entered a partnership to jointly develop and market highly-optimized browsers for the handset market. The two firms have also revealed that a new high-speed Opera Mobile browser, powered by Bytemobile’s Optimization Services Node (OSN) Monaco Edition, is in fact already out in the market.

Both companies claim that the new browser’s performance on 3G networks would exceed that of the existing ones by up to three times. As such, network congestion would be averted as the browser is designed to cut data traffic.

The firms are optimistic that mobile phone and network companies would adopt their technology since it is designed to be easily incorporated or installed in any mobile phone or network system. Of course, both user and provider would benefit from the new browser. Subscribers would be able to access the internet easily at a faster rate, while network companies enjoy lower data volume load and cheaper operating costs.

Bytemobile’s OSN is used by more than 60 network companies around the world. Integration of the OSN into the network operators’ system would pose no compatibility issues since it is applicable to all mobile phone systems recognized by Opera. Opera platforms are used by around 25 million handset users worldwide.