PowerFilm solar charger – it’s foldable

PowerFilm solar charger – it’s foldable


We have seen lots of solar chargers for your gadgets over the last few months. The PowerFilm F-15 600 by PowerFilm Solar isn’t the cheapest one by any means, but it also definitely isn’t the heaviest or least portable. It’s a foldable solar charger, so it rolls up into a small bundle you can slide into a backpack when you aren’t using it, or it can roll out to soak up plenty of rays. When it is folded up it measures 10.3” x 3.5”, but it folds out to 20.5” x 23” and it only weighs just a hair over half a pound.

The PowerFilm F-15 600 provides 10 watts (you can get one in 20 watts, too) and operates at 15.4 volts. It can be used to charge electronic devices, to charge or power 12V systems or you can use the battery charger pack to charge your batteries. You can even daisy chain them if you need more power.

This charger will let you take your devices anywhere where there is sun. It has a 3 year warranty, so it must be pretty durable. It better be for the price. You will have to drop $299 to get one of your own.