Get Ready for the Complete Paper-free Experience

Get Ready for the Complete Paper-free Experience


Wacom’s Penabled cordless battery-free pen technology will be used in iRex Technologies’ electronic paper applications beginning in April, according to an announcement by Wacom on Tuesday.

The result will be a complete read-and-write paper-free experience, with handhelds boasting an 8.1-inch display and wireless network capability using the the battery-free pen, itself featuring 256 levels of pressure sensitivity and a built-in eraser, as the primary data device.

The pen doesn’t need batteries or wires. It doesn’t even need cards. The data transfer takes place via an electromagnetic signal sent from the sensor board to the pen and then back again, with position anaylysis, pressure sensitivity, and other data on board. The pen also boasts hover technology, allowing cursor movement without touching the screen.

“Our solution is applicable to the immediacy of the Internet, while obtaining the ease and flexibility of paper-based reading and writing regardless of location,” said Hans Brons, CEO of iRex Technologies. “Wacom Penabled technology is the key element that helps our solution give users a natural and intuitive feel as if they are using the traditional pen and paper. We are very excited to work together for the emerging market of electronic paper solution.”

For its part, Wacom was pleased with the arrangement, with an eye on the future.

“Wacom’s partnership with iRex Technologies is a significant step in the expansion of our services to customers around the world, and we are excited about this new relationship,” said Masahiko Yamada, Wacom CEO.