Sony’s Laptop Makeover Frenzy

Sony’s Laptop Makeover Frenzy


Sony has just released three new updates of its laptop models – the TX2, FS400 and A600 series. The first two models are bundled with an extensive software collection.

Of the three models, the TX2 is said to be the most appealing. Its sleek exterior is also very durable, with the casing having been made from carbon fiber and other composite materials. It comes in three colors but its limited edition slate blue version is only available in some countries and selected Sony hubs in the UK.

The TX2’s compact and lightweight architecture makes it extremely portable. It weighs only 1.24 kg and sports a very slim DVD-RW. Its LCD dimension is 11.1 inches and is the first to integrate LED innovations, making it more energy-efficient, and Sony’s X-black display technology makes the pictures more lively and dynamic. Processing power is provided by an Intel Pentium M chip with Centrino technology, and the CPU only requires a very low voltage, thereby extending its battery life to up to 7.5 hours.

Despite its relatively larger and heavier frame (compared to the TX2), the FS400-series is still considerably slim. It weighs 2.9 kg and has a magnesium shell. It also includes a dual-layer DVD-RW and a 15.4-inch display.

The FS400-series also features the X-black display innovation and dual lamp illumination which make pictures extremely vibrant. Processors for the FS400-series may vary from an Intel Celeron chip to a Pentium M 740. Display chipsets range from Intel’s integrated 915GM to an nVidia GeForce 6400 (128MB) with turbo cache technology.

Topping the list is the VGN-A617S. The unit is powered by an Intel Centrino Pentium M 760 chip and ATI’s Mobility Radion X700 graphics chipset. It has an impressive 17-inch screen enhanced by X-black LCD technology with dual lamp illumination. What’s unique about this model is that it has an Entertainment Docking Station which enables users to experience high-quality audio. It also includes a TV tuner, an MPEG encoder, and a Super Multi Dual-layer DVD±RW.