Nokia 6125 Continues Trend of Phones with Everything

Nokia 6125 Continues Trend of Phones with Everything


Nokia’s new 6125 continues an industry trend of packing a plethora of features into cell-phones. Along with the now-becoming-standard MP3 player (also playing MP4, eAAC+ and WMA), the clamshell style phone includes 1.3 MP camera with 8x digital zoom and video capabilities.

Features seem to be the theme Nokia is looking for to attract consumers. Along with the must-have Bluetooth, USB and irDa connectivity options, the 6125 has an integrated email client that supports attachments. Messaging comes in MMS, instant messaging, Nokia’s Xpress audio messaging and push-to-talk modes.

The 6125 also lets users enjoy Flash content by including a Flash player, and showing the continuing maturity in the market it includes a hotswappable microSD memory card. Not only that, but it’ll be a Quad-Band GSM phone. Expect in Europe by second quarter 2006.