Eleksen’s ElekTex Smart Fabric goes wireless

Eleksen’s ElekTex Smart Fabric goes wireless


Mobile device owners, get ready to be able to roll out and fold your keyboard.

Eleksen introduces the ElekTex Smart Fabric, which is a specially designed keyboard for various handheld units such as PDAs and mobile phones. And as if the fact that it so portable and foldable is not enough, this new keyboard is also now wireless. The ElekTex Smart Fabric keyboard’s wireless feature is made possible through Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is the most widely used mode of connecting devices wirelessly, thereby making the unit compatible or applicable to almost all portable devices.

The new fabric keyboard has the dimensions of a typical laptop keyboard but remains very light at just 2.4 oz. Since it could be curled up and folded when not in use, carrying it would not be a problem since it could be conveniently placed in your pocket.

Its sleek, charcoal gray exterior is completely made out of fabric and is complimented by a stand for PDA or cell phone use. Its plastic casing has an integrated LED which provides information as to the unit’s status as well as its connectivity. It is also durable, being able to tolerate various contortions or folds that the user may make. Oh, and it’s also water-resistant… Spill away.