Cingular Wireless gets TRO against mobile phone record sites

Cingular Wireless gets TRO against mobile phone record sites


The unauthorized procurement and release of Cingular Wireless’ customer records by Data Find Solutions and 1st Source Information Specialists has been put to a halt. The U.S. District Court in Atlanta, GA granted Cingular’s application for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the two companies.

Cingular filed the complaint against the two companies believing them to be liable for the theft of its customers’ information. According to the complaint, Data Find Solutions was the owner of several websites that offered phone subscriber information for sale. The websites now belong to 1st Source Information Specialists. Among the sites complained of are and

It is believed that the two companies, through their agents, were able to obtain subscriber information by pretending to be Cingular customers asking for details regarding their accounts.

Cingular plans to further expose and eliminate websites that engage in the fraudulent trade of phone records by collaborating with law enforcement agencies and policymakers.

The company has already laid down and implemented various security measures to prevent the unauthorized access or leaks of its subscribers’ records. Customers are also advised to do their share by being more cautious with their personal information such as applying a password to their account and NOT sharing this information with others and by shredding invoices and other important documents before throwing them.