Bangladesh bans free late-night phone calls

Bangladesh bans free late-night phone calls


Everyone would like something to blame for all that is wrong with the world. Well, Bangladesh has found their target – free night-time cellular calls. The conservative, Muslim country has told phone companies to stop offering the free calls to their customers. The companies had been offering free calls from midnight to 6 a.m. to attract youth. The government argues that the calls are corrupting youth, making them speak vulgarly and promoting dating. Dating, apparently, is discouraged in Bangladesh.

The move comes after the Telecommunications Regulatory Commision received ‘a flurry of complaints’ that the calls were changing their children’s behaviour. Not surprisingly, young people aren’t happy.

“Such an order is shocking and surprising,” said university student Kaushik Ahmed, in Dhaka. “Parents should be able to build up their children properly and inject values in them before turning to telecom regulators to shape their lives.”

The use of mobile phones is growing rapidly in the country of 140 million people. There are only 1 million landlines in the country, yet there are already 9 million mobile phone subscribers. That figure could double this year.