Relax… use the ART Zero Tension Mouse

Relax… use the ART Zero Tension Mouse


Whether you are addicted to playing computer games, work long hours in front of the computer, or simply one who likes to browse a lot online, do it with less ‘stress’ by using Active Release Technique’s (ART) Zero Tension Mouse. This new mouse has been developed by ART founder Dr P Michael Leahy to prevent frequent mouse users from developing repetitive strain injuries. How? By enabling the hand, arm and shoulder to relax while using the mouse.

There was a time when you could do nothing but remedy repetitive strain injuries caused by using the mouse too much. However, thanks to Active Release Techniques, preventing such injuries became the goal.

The premise is that if one’s hand is ‘relaxed’ while using the mouse then repetitive strain injuries can be prevented. The Zero Tension Mouse aims to do exactly that – relax your hand, arm, shoulder and neck muscles while using it. By using ART’s new mouse, users find their hands are positioned in such a way that it is not too straight, nor closed too tight which cause carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, respectively.

As for your wrist, the design of the Zero Tension Mouse is so that your wrist is positioned in neutral between flexion and extension. Furthermore, your wrist will be in an upright position, instead of lying flat against the desk so that your wrist extensors can relax instead of tightening to maintain your hand’s position.

Want to try if the Zero Tension Mouse indeed ‘relaxes’ you? You can avail of one for £45.25 or US $79.95.