Rakon develops world’s smallest GPS receiver

Rakon develops world’s smallest GPS receiver


If New Zealand based Rakon has their way, GPS capabilities will soon be available everywhere and in every device you can imagine.

Simply put, they have developed the world’s smallest GPS receiver. According to the company’s precise specifications, the receiver is the size of a baby’s fingernail. I don’t know exactly how big that it, but I do know that that is very small. Not only is it tiny, but it is also sensitive enough to receive very weak signals, making it useful even in the middle of a city.

What this means, of course, is that size is no longer nearly the limiting factor for devices that it once was. Not only will we start seeing GPS capabilities with more regularity in PDAs and even phones as Rakon and others further refine the technology, but the range of possibility will grow. There is now no reason we won’t soon see GPS in a watch, a pen or wherever else a developer can imagine putting it.