Soap Operas invade mobile phones

Soap Operas invade mobile phones


So, you’re a big fan of daytime soap operas, but you’re stuck at the office all day? Or maybe you can’t bear to sit still for on your morning commute? CBS Broadcasting has just what the doctor ordered—a made-for-mobile phone soap opera (“mobisoap”) that will get broadcast for a short three minutes, lets call them mini-episodes.

Tentatively titled “Hey, It’s Me,” the mobisoap will have its dedicated team of writers, cast, and production crew working ‘round the clock (well, maybe not that hard) to satisfy your hunger for the latest “what do you mean you’re his brother” fix. No official word on pricing or carrier yet, but CBS spokesperson Chris Ender did say, “We are a content company, and we want to be where the viewer is.”

CBS is not the first to make content specifically geared for mobile TV. As the technology for higher definition screens and faster downloads increased, many organizations are starting to recognize a growing, lucrative market. For example, Sprint Nextel shot out a Bon Jovi concert recently, and Verizon teamed up with Fox Broadcasting for their mobile episodes (“mobisodes”) of a soap opera and the hit “24”.