Nexage releases PhoneCast to help carriers provide Mobile TV

Nexage releases PhoneCast to help carriers provide Mobile TV


Wireless carriers and content providers are tripping over themselves these days to find ways to provide mobile video content to phone service subscribers. Nexage, a Seattle based wireless software and services company, is trying to make that easier to accomplish with their new PhoneCast mobile video solution.

PhoneCast is an end-to-end solution for carriers and media companies that makes it easier to provide customers the opportunity to watch live TV, events or sports as well as video on demand. The solution allows providers to broadcast existing content or create new content. It focuses on reducing the complexity of the tasks involved in providing streaming content. It also includes tools for user-generated content, allowing providers to tap into to the need of seemingly everyone to be heard. To the chagrin, perhaps, of viewers, PhoneCast makes it easy for providers to insert commercials into streaming TV and video on demand.

Nexage is currently working with providers in North America and Europe to provide mobile TV services using the PhoneCast solution.