Lifepod announces one bumpin’ bag

Lifepod announces one bumpin’ bag


Portable speakers may be all well and good, but there’s got to be an easier to way to carry them around and look good doing it. In light of this week’s MacWorld Expo, Lifepod of New York has unveiled what may look like your average chic handbag, but look a little deeper and you’ll see a nice set of stereo speakers… and a subwoofer to boot.

Don’t expect a lot of thump out of the Lifepod Rock Steady Stereo Beat bag (try saying that three times fast), as they are powered by a measly set of 4 AA batteries. Either that, or you only get 3 minutes of life out of this thing. The 2.1 XPA stereo system takes the idea being a boombox and makes it into a boom-bag with a bass boost subwoofer.

Choose from a range of different styles to house your new speaker set. Get crunk with Lil’ Jon as you bounce down the street with your Lifepod backpack, gym bag, messenger bag, cooler and beach bag, or travel case. No official word on pricing.