Griffin TuneCenter brings iPod to the TV screen

Griffin TuneCenter brings iPod to the TV screen


Just the other day we wrote about the DLO HomeDock Deluxe, which claimed to be the first dock to let you view and select iPod content on your TV. If that is true, it was only first by a day. Griffin Technology has unveiled their TuneCenter home media center for iPod and, frankly, it looks better than the DLO offering.

The TuneCenter will let you display your playlist and song information on your TV. You can control settings and select tunes using the included 14 button remote. If you grow bored of the songs on your iPod, the dock can also access internet radio stations. You just have to plug into your network. It even has the capability to stream wirelessly.

Where the TuneCenter really shines in is playing video. Whatever is stored on your iPod can be played back in full sized glory using the dock. It’s whole new way for you to access video on demand with incredible flexibility.

The TuneCenter works with any iPod including and since the third generation models. It does all that the DLO model does and more and it will cost you $50 less. You can pre-order your own today for $100.