Pump up the volume with Tango iPod base

Pump up the volume with Tango iPod base


I guess there can never be enough speaker sets designed for all things iPod. More glossy white goodness comes from XtremeMac with the name: Tango iPod base. Pump up the volume and feel the ground vibrate with the independent downward firing subwoofer. The 21-watt thumper responds to a range of 32hz to 208hz for some exceptional boom-boom-boom.

The left and right channels come in the form of little 10W Neodymium-driver speakers, sensitive from 150hz to 20khz. Somewhat counter-intuitively, key to any good speaker set is some good sound deadening. XtremeMac recognizes this and put in some built-in vibration dampening. Moreover, you won’t need to actually walk up to the unit to get the party started — the Tango comes with a wireless remote. It’ll also power and charge any Dock-connector iPods.

Priced in direct competition to the Bose SoundDock, look for a price tag of around $199 for the XtremeMac Tango. This speaker set is due out in March.