MTV is still “like a Virgin”

MTV is still “like a Virgin”


From ringtones and games to exclusive graphics and sweepstakes entries, Virgin Mobile USA has renewed their relationship with MTV Networks to continue to provide users with the hottest content and entertainment programming straight to their cellular phones. This will include not only the popular stuff from MTV we’ve come to know and love, but you’ll also be able to tickle your funny bone with exclusive content from Comedy Central.

Two of MTV’s most popular daily programs will become officially sponsored by Virgin Mobile: “Total Request Live” highlights a number of viewers’ choice music videos; and “Direct Effect” is where the party’s at, focusing on the latest in Hip Hop, Rap and R&B. In exchange, the two programs’ wireless content will be exclusively carried by Virgin Mobile.

Also look for content from Comedy Central, including non-exclusive content from “The Daily Show”, as well as the popular “Joke of the Day Alert”, among other squirting-milk-our-your-nose funnies.