More iPod gear, including AV connection kit

More iPod gear, including AV connection kit


With the doors to MacWorld Expo now officially open, it comes as no surprise that a full onslaught of iPod accessories are being unveiled at the trade show. One of these is the Apple-branded full AV Connection Kit. In the package, you’ll find a whole slew of goodies, including an iPod Universal Dock, Apple Remote, iPod AV Cable, a USB 2.0 Cable for the Dock, and an iPod USB Power Adapter.

Compared to when these fundamental accessories are purchased separately, the bundle price of $99 might sound like a steal if it wasn’t for the fact that a bunch of this stuff should have come packaged in with your audio player in the first place. That said, if you want to complete your glossy white iCollection, this AV Connection Kit is right up your alley.

In other news, Apple is also launching a set of in-ear lanyard earbuds for the sleekly-tiny iPod nano. Priced at $49, it seems like this set buys you just a bit more plastic than the already available $39 iPod lanyard earbuds, and not much more.