Levi’s to Offer iPod-compatible jeans

Levi’s to Offer iPod-compatible jeans


Levi Strauss will soon offer jeans with the iPod fan in mind. The Levi’s RedWire FLX Jeans, for men and women, will hit stores this fall, sporting a built-in docking cradle for the iPod, retractable headphones, and a joystick in the watch pocket to control the Pod.

It is certainly not the first article of clothing to be designed with iPod users in mind. Carrying cases for the handy music player began appearing in fashion houses in 2001. Burton Snowboards began selling an iPod-compatible waterproof snowboarding jacket in 2003. Tunewear recently unveiled a line of clothing with see-through iPod pockets. And in late 2005, Kenpo began selling jackets with iPod controls on the sleeves.

Levi’s, however, is the first to manufacture iPod-compatible jeans. And jeans, after all, are worn by everyone, not just those who can afford fancy carrying cases or clothes and not just those who snowboard.