CDMA says, “Where art thou, Nokia and Motorola?”

CDMA says, “Where art thou, Nokia and Motorola?”


There is a long history (in the world of technology, it’s a long time anyways) behind the battle between CDMA and GSM. The world’s top two mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia and Motorola, seem to have leaned much more toward GSM, leaving the CDMA market with much to be desired.

Industry analysts say that this can provide a great opportunity for the Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, the world’s third and fourth largest handset makers, respectively, to improve their overall market presence and their worldwide ranking. Samsung and LG are respected leaders in CDMA.

“Nokia is maintaining a good partnership with Cingular [a GSM provider] in the US,” according to a recent report from the Yankee Group. “But the handset maker is not exerting itself in the enterprise market. If Nokia takes the US enterprise market seriously, it has to improve relations with Sprint or Verizon for CDMA.”

The report goes on with recommendations for Motorola to expand its business-class device portfolio. A good step forward was taken in the release of the Motorola Q-Device, but more will be needed to adequately challenge the Nokia E-Series.