British researchers: music downloading causes apathy

British researchers: music downloading causes apathy


Feeling apathetic these days? Maybe it is because you are downloading too much music. According to a new study by British researchers, downloading music and listening on MP3 players is creating a generation of people who don’t fully appreciate music performances or songs.

Adrian North, one of the researchers, suggests that the easy access to music allows people to take it for granted. No emotional commitment is required. That, in his mind, damages the ability to appreciate the music. In other words, we are seeing music as a commodity instead of an art form. Because we can get music so easily and have access to virtually unlimited choice, we are more passively involved in the listening experience than people once were, they argue.

The most terrifying argument that they put forth based on their research is that this trend could be to blame for the popularity of such cultural abominations as American Idol. Shows such as that mess provide a rare opportunity for members of this generation to watch and interact with a live musical performance. If that is the case, then all downloading should stop immediately.