Polaroid unveils giant PMP with 80GB HDD

Polaroid unveils giant PMP with 80GB HDD


Polaroid isn’t the first name you think of when it comes to portable media players. If they have their ways, it will change starting this fall. Okay, so it isn’t the same Polaroid that you knew and loved from the good old days. That company ran itself into the ground. Another company bought up the name and is producing all sorts of consumer products. Among them is this new widescreen PMP, which they showed off at CES.

The specs are a little scant at this point. It looks like it’s huge. Brick huge. The screen will be impressive to watch things on. What is even more impressive is the storage. It has an 80GB hard drive. That’s a whole lot of cartoons.

Hopefully something that big with that much storage will be able to do some fancy tricks. I would hope that there would be some gaming and whatever else. That would be fun and fancy. We should hear more closer to the August release date. We do know that it should cost about $600 when it comes out.