News Corp. to reveal plans for entry into wireless internet market –...

News Corp. to reveal plans for entry into wireless internet market – eventually


News Corp., the corporate behemoth ruled by Rupert Murdoch, is going to enter the wireless high-speed internet market. They just aren’t going to tell us how quite yet. On Monday Murdoch announced that the plans would be revealed in 2 months.

Murdoch did give us a few hints, though. A likely vehicle for News Corp.’s entry into the market will be DirecTV Group, the U.S. satellite TV operator which is controlled by News Corp. DirecTV let us know last year that it was researching ways to get into the wireless market through investment or partnership with someone in the WiMax business. Murdoch hinted that DirecTV was likely to invest as much as $1 billion.

If News Corp. is looking to enter the fray, DirecTV makes sense. The purely satellite television company needs a way to remain competitive with the cable and telephone companies that are also offering television, phone and internet services.

Murdoch would have you believe that the two months will be spent determining the best alternative for the company and the technology that they should embrace. But, if you have followed the career of Murdoch at all, you know that he will make a move only when he is confident that there is an opportunity that will be hugely profitable.