Belkin announces XM Radio receivers and cases

Belkin announces XM Radio receivers and cases


Belkin, the company that seems to make every accessory for every electronic device has released two receivers and two cases for XM Radios.

The first receiver turns an XM radio into a portable music device, complete with Antenna headphones (said to offer improved reception) and sleeve with belt-clip. Probably most convenient of its features is the rechargeable battery pack to power your music. The headphones have an on-cord volume control.

The next item, really a boombox in a water-resistant case, fits Delphi RoadyXT and Audiovox Xpress Plug-n-Play receivers, operates on 8 C batteries or AC adapter (included). It has 5W per channel woofers and tweeters. Both systems are priced at $99.99 each.

The other two items, $19.99 apiece, are cases for the RoadyXT and Xpress for XM, respectively. They protect in high-grade, black microfiber and include pockets for both the receiver and the remote.