Vodafone to Launch Radio DJ

Vodafone to Launch Radio DJ


Vodafone on Monday announced a partnership with Sony NetServices to provide Radio DJ, an interactive radio system that can stream to PCs and 3G mobile phones.

The emphasis is on personal taste, as users can “educate” their systems by pressing “like” or “dislike” on the PC or phone while a song is playing. A “dislike” skips to the next song. Either way, the preference is stored, for more customized listening in the future.

Sony NetServices promises a detailed analysis of the songs offered on the radio service, melded with another detailed analysis of the users preferences, to produce something approaching true preference-only radio.

Vodafone Radio DJ will have three main choices. The most recognizable will be predefined channels, which offer music based on mood or genre, a new twist on traditional radio offerings. Leaning heavily on archives is a series of collections, songs grouped together based on a theme, like holidays music or “hottest music.” The last is personal channels, created using user feedback.

All songs can be downloaded twice, once for PC use and once for mobile use.

The service will begin the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal in the next few months. The year plan is increase the offerings to more than 20 countries worldwide.