Sanyo Seimitsu actuators receive VibeTonz certification from Immersion

Sanyo Seimitsu actuators receive VibeTonz certification from Immersion


Immersion, a developer and licensor of touch sensation technology, has made it known that several SANYO Seimitsu actuators have just been certified under its VibeTonz Certified Actuator Program. The VibeTonz program is said to enable handset makers to speed up the selection and integration of actuators into VibeTonz-enabled cell phones. So what’s the difference with these mobile phones? VibeTonz System-enabled phones produce touch sensations that are touted to improve mobile phone games, ringtones, and user interface.

Receiving VibeTonz certification is indeed a good development for SANYO which counts the world’s leading five handset OEMs as its clients.

“This program helps us provide our handset customers with actuators tuned to meet VibeTonz specifications, so we’re able to quickly support their production schedules,” states SANYO GM Hiroshi Sato.

The VibeTonz System applies high-speed control over a mobile phone’s actuator, creating a wide array of touch sensations that all in all contribute to make mobile phone navigation and operation more instinctive and game play more engaging and realistic. A case in point – VibeTonz-certified actuators feature the required robustness and performance characteristics to generate sensations as gentle as intuitive cue signaling that a call has been terminated and as forceful as an explosion in a mobile game.