New Sony Vaios, including all-in-one designs

New Sony Vaios, including all-in-one designs


Sony has announced a number of new desktop Vaios, including two pretty nifty looking all-in-one designs. The likely Japan-only Vaio Type M looks almost like a notebook computer with its flip-up keyboard. Its main features include a 15.4-inch display, 300GB hard drive, 2.8 Ghz Celeron processor (why no Pentium?), SiS661FX graphics card, and a dual layer DVD burner. Unlike nearly every consumer product in North America, the Type M will not come in black and silver, but rather sports some soft pastels (blue, white, and pink).

The other all-in-one shape goes by the name of Type V. Focusing on multimedia and entertainment applications, this PC comes in 17-inch and 20-inch screen varieties, featuring digital satellite TV cards, analog TV tuners, remote controls, and dual-layer DVD burners. Look for a 3.2 GHz P4, 1GB RAM, a pair of 250GB hard drives, Radeon X700 video card, and Sony Living Room compatibility.

The Type R and Type H Vaios come with analog and digital TV tuners and HDTV compatibility. Big 17- or 20-inch screens with WSXGA+ resolution, 1GB RAM, and 400GB of storage space are among their selling points. These two models have the more traditional tower-and-monitor designs to go with their powerful graphics cards and 2.8 GHz Pentium processors.